ParadyneX Inc, Launches Ultra-Low Fee Crypto Exchange

SHERIDAN, WY December 7, 2021: Crypto currency enthusiasts around the world can rejoice as the crypto exchange platform ParadyneX has been launched! This exciting the new crypto exchange platform provides quick trades, pro trading and API trading, combined with speed, stability, security, and a user-friendly web interface!

The platform is available in several languages to serve the global market and currently has many of the most popular crypto coins listed, with additional pairs coming! Newbie and professional traders alike can now trade on

ParadyneX in a safe and secure manner, with liquidity and order books already flowing. ParadyneX Inc. founders believe crypto currencies, although having been available for some time, are actually still in the early stages of adoption and will continue to grow and expand, reaching more people on a daily basis. Crypto currency traders are aware that there is a lack of transparency, security standards and global compliance, issues that are in the forefront of this platform. Extensive efforts have been made to launch a platform that addresses to concerns and combined them with ultra-low fees. While existing solutions offer to solve just one problem at a time, our team is building a secure, simple and easy-to-use product based on public blockchain, with a private blockchain to follow. It will include easy cryptocurrency payments integration, and even a digital arbitration system. ParadyneX has been working to setup a smooth, quick trading platform while supporting KYC and AML compliance — meeting established standards!

About ParadyneX

ParadyneX is entering the crypto world with an ultra-low fee-based exchange, focused on transparency, speed, stability and security standards above all. Ultimately, ParadyneX aims to create a unified blockchain ecosystem, creating an incredibly efficient, transparent, and reliable platform. If you’ve been thinking of getting into crypto currency, or of finding a new exchange, ParadyneX is here for you.

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Media contact: Chris Claprood Co-Founder

ParadyneX is your future cryptocurrency Xchange. With the most cryptocurrency pairs available on any exchange, fully regulated, insured,

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ParadyneX is your future cryptocurrency Xchange. With the most cryptocurrency pairs available on any exchange, fully regulated, insured,

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